Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) is the initial form of polyester yarn. It is produced from the melt spinning process and the raw material utilized in POY production is polyester chips. The spinning speed of POY yarn production is nearly 2500 to 4000 m /min in our Company.




Anti-bacterial, abrasion resistant, durability, high tenacity, wrinkle-resistant




POYs are used in FDY, DTY, ATY, and ITY production.


Dastranj Rezabaft’s POY is available as follows with the highest quality:


Yarn Type POY FDY DTY ITY Cationic TFO
COUNT (Denier) 55-800 30-450 30-1200 85, 135 75 , 150 30-3000
Filaments 24-288 24-144 24-1152 48, 108 48, 108 arbitrary
TPM (turns per meter) - - - - - 60-2400
Luster B, SB, SD B, SB, SD B, SB, SD B, SB, SD B B, SB, SD