Ethical Responsibilities

We believe directing our path into ethical behavior is the right thing to do for our business. We are well-known for complying with high ethical standards. It is obligatory for every employee to perform his job ethically and responsibly with integrity and transparency in business. We set some strict laws and code of ethics. From the beginning we expect our employees to follow our code of ethics. Unethical or illegal activities will not be tolerated.

Our primary and superior ethical principles are specified as follows:


1. Create equal opportunities for recruiting and free from favoritism.

2. Treat all employees and customers equally.

3. Exhibit products for selling, advertising clearly, and also avoid deceptive promotion.


1. We conduct our business with integrity.

2. Under any circumstances, do we tell the truth.

3. We accept our mistakes and try to compensate for it.


1. Protect important information and refuse to disclose them to other people.

2. Avoid illustrating private information at the presence of others.

3. Keep private and confidential information in a secure place and label them as confidential.


1. Our contracts with employees, customers and other stakeholders are transparent, accurate and truthful.

2. Represent list of prices and products clearly.

3. Give clear and frank advice to our customers and make our customers aware of services.