Innovation is the cornerstone of Dastanj Rezabaft’s discipline. Dastanj Rezabaft is committed to create innovation and expand the culture of innovation which leads to progress in its business and customer satisfaction. As competition and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our business, we spend large expenses on innovation. What distinguishes Dastranj Rezabaft from other firms is our innovation.

Innovation in our company is defined as producing new products or exploring new production processes to meet the particular needs of customers. Innovation is essential to improve our products and represent solutions to deal with the challenges of yarn production.

Innovation begins with a perspective about customer needs. This perspective directs innovation on ways to enhance products, meet new needs, and bring a reputation for the company. We endeavor to have higher performance and profitability by offering innovative products to market and increasing larger market share. Our R&D group analyzes new ideas to set programs for innovating new products in the future.

Some of our innovative achievements are mentioned as follows:

  • Micro-filament yarn

  • Hollow yarn

  • Waterproof fabric

  • flame-retardant fabric

  • anti-bacterial fabric

  • high-absorbent fabric

Our interminable effort is to have an impact on the future of yarn. Thus, we aspire to associate with creative people and companies from varied knowledge to invent new products and to meet the increasing customer demand.