Knitted Fabric

Knitting is a method of intermeshing loops of yarns using knitting needles. Knitted fabric consists of stitches which are sequential yarn loops. The stitches are retained on a needle until another loop can pass through them. This process continues to create a final product. Depending on the direction in which the loops are formed, knitted fabrics are categorized into two types; warp knitted and weft knitted fabrics. Weft Knitting is a method in which the loops are made horizontally from a single yarn and loops intermeshed in a circular or flat form. Due to the looped structure, the knitted fabrics are more flexible and formable than the woven fabrics. They also offer advantages such as a high degree of wrinkle resistance, comfort, excellent breathability, and freedom of movement.


Dastranj Rezabaft produces a variety of types of weft knitted fabrics including::


  • Jersey fabric
  • Rib
  • Single Jersey Fabric
  • Interlock fabric

These Circular Knitted Fabrics is used for many types of sectors and applications. Such as:


  • Women’s clothing
  • Workwear
  • Automotive
  • Hospital
  • Restaurants
  • Cleaning