Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a crucial criterion to direct our pathways into proper action so that we always get the right result. We make constant improvements in our environmental performance through conforming to ISO 14001.

We strive to have a minimum negative impact on the environment. The main concern of the company is environmental and climate protection. Therefore, we are adapting to international ISO 14001 standards and are highly committed to protect the environment in compliance with environmental standards and national laws and regulations.

In accordance with ISO 14001, we determine 5 types of environmental performance:

  • Air emission: keep the emission of air pollutants and greenhouse gasses to minimu

  • Natural resources; efficient use of natural resources including water, electricity, gas, and petrol

  • Waste; recycling all kinds of solid waste (such as yarn, bobbin)

  • Wastewater; refining wastewater in our refinery unit and use it for our company’s green space.

We put our whole efforts to decrease resource consumptions and to cut greenhouse gasses emission through growing trees and flowers. Dastranj Rezabaft equipped with modern machines and technologies to consume energy resources optimally. New technologies are an important issue for energy efficiency and reduce air pollution.

Every employee is trained and alerted by our HSE experts in order to help the environment protection.