Major Technologies

Dastranj Rezabaft is a pioneer company which employs modern technologies in the textile industry. Our innovative and cost-effective technologies accompanied with sophisticated employees make our company the textile leader in Iran. Our priority in Dastranj Rezabaft is to implement the technologies that boost the quality of products, increase safety, and mitigate environmental impacts. Since technology is developing with unbelievable speed, we strive to modify our apparatus and technologies constantly. Having progress in technological equipment enables us to deliver various high-quality products.

To remain competitive with other firms, we have been successful in developing our technologies to meet the increasing demand of customers. New technology can play an integral role in remaining competitive and boosting efficiency. Dastranj rezabaft has invested enormous expenses in developing its machinery and technologies to meet expectations of the market. Our target is to possess the latest technology and develop a new generation of technologies for the future. Our R&D team always keeps an eye for technological updates and makes efforts to develop the company. The main advantages of utilizing modern technological equipment are:

  • Lowering production cost

  • Manufacturing innovative products to meet customer’s expectations

  • Mitigating impact on the environment

Some of our developed technologies are mentioned as follows:

  • Power plant technology
  • Refinery Technology
  • Laboratory Technology
  • Polyester yarn production technology
  • Paper tubes production technology

In summary, we believe that technology can solve the challenges over cost-efficiency, quality, competitiveness, productivity, and so on.