Contribute to communities

Our activities are performed in the vicinity of local communities. Thus, it contributes to both positive and negative impacts on communities. We can’t deny negative impact that our company has on local communities but we strive to mitigate the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones. We believe that our presence should be beneficial for both local communities and those in our neighborhood. Our credo is ” companies’ success depends on meeting the needs and expectations of society”. Therefore, our business is responsible for economic and social development. We contribute to communities as follows:





1. Understand major social and financial factors
2. Collect data on population growth, health and Education
3. Discover the possible impact of our operation
4. Determine dangers and solution


1. make relationship with government, community and private organizations
2. have an agreement on needs and assure they are completely understood
3. consult to corresponding expertise


1. Develop programs for impact assessment
2. Make programs that constitutes education and health
3. Create programs for building local skills and knowledge