Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is a long-lived part of corporate identity. It goes beyond just a simple business process. Social responsibility is deeply rooted in proper ethical behavior, health and safety, environmental protection, and community contributions. Our technology and know-how make us precipitate problem-solving in order to impact people, society, and the planet positively. Corporate strategy, operations, culture, and social activities are integrated into CSR. Our main principle is to do the right thing and establish a long-term relationship with our employees, contractors, and customers.


Respecting human rights is an inevitable part of our business. Our comprehensive human rights program includes the freedom of expression, privacy protection, and respect to human rights. We comply with the high standards for ethics, employees’ rights, health and safety, and environments. CSR is fundamental to corporate culture and also it contributes to social development. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, improving our social engagement, and making our people progress.


Taking responsibility for our operations and our employees is highly important for us because our employees are the cornerstone of our prosperity. We are dedicated to preserving employees’ rights, promote employees’ jobs, and make employees satisfied.