Dastranj Rezabaft was established in September 2010 as one of the most successful polyester yarn manufacturers in Iran by Mr. Falakfarsaie, the president and owner of the company. He invested his life savings of 90M $ to set up the company. His credo is “diligence is the mother of good luck”. His infinite efforts and desire for hardworking are admired by employees, customers, merchants, etc. Mr. Falakfarsaie’s passionate love for textile is interminable and he believes that all his financial and spiritual achievements are inherited from his father’s determination and endeavor. He always pursues quality as the key ingredient for profit. Many aspects of the company’s successful business today trace their roots to Mr. Falakfarsaie. These efforts brought Dastranj Rezabaft to the position of one of the leading companies in the Middle East.

We serve many customers in different regions of Iran and other countries. Our experiences in textiles have formed the character of Dastranj Rezabaft. The company’s rapid growth since 2015 has been the result of our high-quality products and developed melt spinning technologies. Furthermore, the company set up certain projects such as petrochemical units, 5 MW power plant and the knitting unit. Dastranj Rezabaft puts remarkable emphasis on increasing its investment.

Despite sanctions imposed on Iran which restricted the import of modern machines and equipment, Dastranj Rezabaft has been developing rapidly. Moreover, Dastranj Rezabaft exported its products to Turkey.

In 2010, Dastranj Rezabaft set up the first phase of high-denier and low-denier Partially Oriented Yarns (POY) with the daily capacity of 120 and 63 tons, respectively.

In 2011, the company grew much larger to increase the production volume and the variety . Accordingly, the second phase of FDY yarns with a daily capacity of 38 tons was launched.

In 2012, the third phase regarding Air Textured Yarn (ATY) was added to the production possessing the capacity of 15 tons per day.

In 2013, Dastranj Rezabaft established the fourth phase of Drawn Textured Yarns (DTY) production which played a key role in the advancement of the company’s products.

In 2014, A 9 megawatt electrical power plant was constructed on the factory site in order to supply power permanently to the production machinery. In 2014 we also built long term relationships and collaborations with other countries.

The years 2015 and 2016 marked a milestone in the history of the company. The production capacity increased drastically and innovative products and methods (such as anti-bacterial and cationic yarns) were developed – to broaden the range of the products.